Video diary: another very bad idea

Sometimes you guys have very bad ideas! LOL :-D You tell me to try cuffing my elbows in the heavy Clejuso handcuffs, but you don’t warn me to keep someone around to rescue me… because it is IMPOSSIBLE to get out! It doesn’t matter where I put the keyholes, as I found out my forearms are longer than the distance between the cuffs… grrr… So I did this on my webcam, alone, and after a few minutes of struggling these cuffs started to HURT because of the restricted blood flow. Hands tingling, I had to quickly find a neighbour to get me out… thanks guys :-p

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  • country23

    Hope you’re doing better now that you have them off of your arms.

  • DarrenPaul

    so glad to hear you were eventually able to get them off =)

  • sammas

    la prochaine fois que vous serez en difficulté …. téléphonez moi …. ;-)

  • JOJO

    Hi Chrissy, what do you think about this idea: You are wearing a prison stripes shirt and jeans. You are on the run outdoors, barefoot and with heavy leg-shackles.

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