Outdoors in my heavy Clejuso cuffs

I took my heavy Clejuso handcuffs out for a nice walk! Sometimes you have to spoil your handcuffs by taking them outside, showing them some of the great outdoors! I found this nice sandy area where I tried to do a kind of fashion photo shoot in Clejuso handcuffs! Well, kind of… I just enjoyed the great weather and the feel of the super heavy cuffs on my wrists ;-) I hope you like this set, please comment if you do!

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  • Legman

    Great pictures you are really beautifull. Do you ever wear tights at all? dont think ive seen you in any before and would love to see you wearing them while cuffed.

  • Kev

    this heavy cuffs looks nice on you,

    next time neckcuffed, with a chain to the clejuso handcuffs number 15 and shackled


    nice weekend chrissy

  • kenny

    cute as a button! i love to see you cuffed behind your back!

  • Foxy Friar

    Nice to see you doing something else than “escapology” (and to see you in a skirt)! How about this challenge: going to a party, dancing in cuffs?

  • carl

    barefoot and cuffed :) my favs of you! more please!

  • Mag1c narwh@l

    Nice shoot Chrissy, keep up the good work. Love the bare feet BTW. I like to go barefoot. Did anybody see you or were you all by yourself?

  • stevo

    barefoot and hagcuffed. my fave. more plz

  • stevo

    barefoot and hogcuffed. my fav. more plz

  • mr.biggo

    ah, what i would do with you in that kneeling position…