• Bart

    Three hours in cuffs like that is a really punishment ! You’re games are really hot !!!

    Like the cuffs b.t.w. ! Wish i could try them ! :)

  • toorzilla_

    I thought you’d want to lose ;)

  • pbug56

    I think it would be a lot more challenging to do these behind your backs!

    BTW, you used to do some great beach and other outdoor pic in handcuffs and legcuffs; how about some new ones?

    And indoors; how about a day spent in full chains and a mini dress or jean skirt; leg cuffs attached to a belly chain with hands cuffed to the side, for 24 hours, just doing whatever you need to do.

  • matthewreadhead

    will you put up a video The Irish 8 contest

  • It is already up. This is it. lol

  • Cufflover

    I agree with pbug56! i think we would all love to see you cuffed in a mini-dress :) you should try it sometime ;)

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