Hogcuffed dilemma


This is the number one fan favorite request! Everyone wants to see me hogcuffed with the keys out of reach! I guess you just want to see me crawl around the room on my stomach :-) LOL, well it doesn’t work like that. You will have to come up with a much smarter plan, because I have a way of escaping this predicament (even with the keys waaaay out of reach), without getting carpet burns from crawling on my stomach.
How do I do it? Find out by watching the pictures or the video (or both if you love my blog). Who can stop me from using this solution??

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  • Joe

    Next time, try chain link cuffs behind back, but put the cuffs through your belt loop that way you can’t bring you hands in front of you. Then hogcuff yourself and try that.

  • Mag!c narwh@1

    Wow great update. Thank you so much, I just love seeing you hogcuffed! You would make a great prisoner….. :)I am looking forward to more updates.

  • Alex

    Does being hog cuffed hurt Chrissy?
    Looks fun haha :P

  • Fluffykittens

    Great update! I love seeing you hogcuffed. Looking forward to more updates, as always. :)

  • PP

    If you want a real challenge, do the behind-the-back hogcuff with the KUB high-security Irish-8’s on wrists and ankles and regular cuffs holding them together. (You apply each cuff to the Irish-8 like you were cinching rope.) If you can even get to the keys, you’ll have to remove the regular cuffs before the Irish-8’s can be opened. And if you can do that, have fun just getting the keys into the Irish-8’s.

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