Walking in waist chain

Just a nice outdoors video clip of me walking in my favourite small waist chain! It was really windy, and then sun disappeared after about 1 minute :( So I put on my jacket and continued to walk around waist chained :)
Then it started to rain very very hard… so this one was kind of cut short. But I will definitely do it again, because I love taking cuffed walks! Any suggestions for my next cuffed walk can be posted below!

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  • Jon

    how about some leg irons next time

  • Marios

    Very nice! How about taking a long walk while being restrained in a wrists-to-neck position? That is, a neck cuff directly connected to your handcuffs..

  • matt

    very cute video, though i think you should always wear legirons. ;)

  • Foxy Friar

    “Cuffed outdoors”- super! This type of waistchain with cuffs should become fashion! Now how about cuffed dancing?

  • Tom

    we are missing legirons !!! BR

  • Kelly

    Crissy, how did you put your jacket on when waist cuffed? Oh – don’t tell me you had the key??? That’s no fun. Leave the key at home next time! At home up high somewhere that’s really hard to get at! Leg irons would be good too.

  • Accro

    Wear it underneath a long coat with your hands in the pockets, so that no-one can SEE that you are cuffed. Take care that no-one takes advantage of your helpless state and tries to ravish you.

  • Edumm

    Maybe handcuffed behind your back and Anahi dressed as a cop taking you wherever she wants, that would be funny

  • FluffyKittens

    I’m with Kelly, although I like Edumm’s idea to. LOL I need to get a waist chain one of these days.

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