Custom waist chain


Oops I forgot to introduce my new custom waist chain, the one I was wearing outdoors! I realise I did not show it to you yet, so here is a video of me explaining where I got it and why I love it!
It is a small waist chain, smaller than any of the standard ones that are available. It was custom made for me. If I wear one of the standard Peerless or Smith & Wessons, the distance between the wrists cuffs is so big that my wrists are almost behind me! I guess those are for bigger people :(
But I love my cute little waist chain! And the best part? I have two! So Anahí is in for a little surprise next time hehehe :D

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  • doomguy

    hm, a waist chain with the wrists almost behind you sounds even better ;) that’s where they belong after all!

  • Foxy Friar

    Really cool! I have a Peerless myself and can well understand why you like this type of cuffs so much!Let’s see more of them!

  • pbug56

    You might want to show the entire waist chain, and how you are locked in it.

    Separately, more pics of you in things like the waist chain, and also in your denim mini skirt would be nice. You’ve got great legs and should show them off! And on that note, you could try for vintage jail dresses (look for pictures of the Manson girls when in custody). Cuffs and jail dresses are amazingly sexxy and a huge turn on for guys – and some girls.

    BTW, waist chains come in 2 basic types – wrists cuffed at your sides (with varying lengths of the little chains connecting the cuffs to the waist chain), and ones with you cuffed with your hands together – in front or back. And if possible, with the extra chain used to drop down and be padlocked to leg cuffs.