Spreader bar and handcuffs


I made this spreader bar myself! Well it is just a piece of pipe really :-) I have attached two pairs of handcuffs to it so it will make a great challenge, I don’t think I have ever had my hands this far apart for an escape challenge!
One of the most important things when using handcuffs like this (both cuffs on one wrist) is to remember NOT to put the keyholes on the inside, facing eachother!! It will mean a trip to the fire station, where all fire men will have a big laugh at you and your spreader bar… Hmm, I might actually try that some day ;-)
Let’s see if I can escape this one, it is a very hard challenge!!

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  • CuffLover

    The only thing that is missing is a neck cuff in the middle!
    Hope you will attach that next time :)

  • PP

    You can get magnetic training keys for standard handcuffs that are very short keys with magnets to hold them in the lock so the cuffs can be easily opened by twisting a small knob. They might fit between the cuffs were you to mistakenly put two on the same wrist with the keyholes facing each other. Some hinged cuffs will still not have enough room, so always be careful.

  • Kelly

    Crissy, here’s a fun one if you like spreader bars. Get a spreader bar that’s about a foot longer than you are tall. Cuffs at both ends. Cuff your feet to one end and your wrists to the other end. So you are standing up with your arms cuffed way up over your head. Then drop the key on the floor. Now you need to get from vertical to horizontal on the floor to get the key. I wish I had a video of me doing that! Interesting challange. Sure don’t want to just fall over on your face. That would hurt!

  • a

    nicely done with the construction! doesn’t it feel weird with your arms waving around like someome imitating an aeroplane ;)

    I wonder how easy it would be to get some little metal rings to attach to elbow-cuffs? Slide the bar through them before reaching into the handcuffs and it could feel quite restricted

  • a

    Perhaps the next challenge could be to escape that with a coat over the top (spreader bar through the sleeves)?

  • kenny

    gonna steal your idea! sorry…

  • Haywire

    Maybe try cuffing each wrist to the matching ankle since you have a full set of cuffs at each end.

  • LifeisReal1990

    You could drill a hole in the center of that bar, then attach the neck cuffs. That way, the bar will always be centered behind your head.

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