Video diary: some strange handcuffs

Hmmm wow, I received a pair of handcuffs that have a really strange hinge! Or actually it is a combination of a hinge and a chain, somewhere in between I guess! I love the way these cuffs fit my wrists, they are perfect!
It seems my collection just grows and grows, and I am a little bit too lazy to update my collection page :( But maybe soon, because I am planning to redesign this website to add some cool stuff, maybe even a member section if you think that is a good idea!

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  • Marc

    Hi, a member section would be a great idea!!!

  • Anonymous guy

    A member section would be awesome!

  • michael

    when you redesign you site add more videos to see,if you do add a members section,leave enough free photos and videos for non-members.

  • PP

    I thought I recognized that hinge. I have the exact same one on a pair of Fury (Alcyon) 15900 cuffs that I bought back in the 1980s, so the design has been around for quite some time. The difference is that the 15900 take a special flat key while yours take a standard key.

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