Video diary: the cuffs get stranger and stranger

Some time ago I got these very strange handcuffs. They are called wrist globe, wrist cage, orbital cuffs, cross cuffs, and many more names. Whatever they are called, I could not lock them on myself, it is impossible. So I had to call my friend Anahí to experiment with this strange device.
We were not sure how to lock it on, or how it is supposed to work, so in this video we are just trying some things. It seems like we worked it out in the end, but we would love to hear from you if we are doing something wrong. I like these cuffs, but they are not adjustable so it is very hard to find a pair that is tight enough. Still, I don’t think I could escape them without a key, so they are worth keeping!

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  • Damon

    …..And imagine getting arrested in these! Hahah :p

  • Anon

    <3 Anahi! :)

  • LoveBondage1960

    Hi girls

    You placed them on your wrist the right way, and there’s only one way with those. Like you found out its impossible for self bondage with these cuffs, and would most certainly be impossible for you to escape if wrist were locked behind your back let alone having wrist in front.

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