Straitjacket with leg irons


So many requests for a straitjacket again! And I don’t even have one, so I have to borrow it every time :D But I will do anything for my fans, don’t worry! I thought of this great position in a straitjacket where I loop the leg irons through the crotch strap! That will make it impossible to stand up, so my straitjacket time will be even more fun! Of course i try to escape again, but it was way too hot in the room, so the only thing I managed to do is to get myself all exhausted and sweaty ;) LOL

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One comment

  • Rene

    Wow! Great update. But surely you don’t want to escape do you?

    I bet the orange prison jumpsuit would also go nicely with the straitjacket by the way.

    Have fun escaping…!

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