Elbow cuffing with Anahí


Elbow cuffing is hard! Well, for me anyways, because I am not very flexible in my shoulders. It hurts like hell. For Anahí it’s easy. She is very flexible :-( So why did it seem like a good idea to have me cuffed first!? Now I had to endure these LIPS handcuffs on my elbows much longer! And I had to move in a very awkward position to elbow cuff Anahí… Sure, let the least flexible girl do all the work! Sometimes we just don’t think these things over ;-)

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  • NorwayGuy

    I have been waiting for more elbow cuffing for a long time! thanks!

    Remember though… If you are not flexible enough you should cuff yourself like this more often, that will make you more flexible! ^ ^

  • hulk

    if anahi is flexible enough,you should try regular handcuffs, it would work,trust me

  • doomguy

    very nice. i agree with NorwayGuy, elbow cuffing ftw. (but dont forget your hands) :)

  • Heitor Regiani

    i love elbows handcuffed

    do more sessions with this

    take pics with suspetion too, handcuffed with arms up

  • Thomas portal uk

    So is it possible to elbow cuff yourself ???

  • Heino

    great. next time after the elbows is cuff try handcuff you hans in front of you. that is good tie

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