Irish 8 hogcuff race!

OUCH! This one seriously hurt! Another brilliant fan suggestion… in theory… Me and Anahi are hogcuffed, but in an even more extreme way than usual: our wrists are crossed behind our backs with a pair of Irish 8’s and our legs are cuffed with ankle cuffs. This means we need two different keys each. The four keys are on the OTHER side of the room (like you always ask for in emails), so me and Anahi will have to get to the keys somehow, and then try to free ourselves. Who will win? Will anyone win??? Carpet burn here we come!!

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  • michael

    would love to see a video of this…love your website keep up the good work

  • LOL what? This IS a video of this :-P Just download it!

  • Kelly

    Crissy, you seem to be able to escape from Irish 8 cuffs pretty easily. How tight to they fit around your wrists? Are they loose enough to stick something in between the cuff and your wrist (say – a pencil)? Would you be able to escape if they fit very tight around your wrists?

  • anonymous

    How long we’re two hogcuffed? I can tell you guys we’re having such a hard time trying to get free from that position.

  • pbug56

    Looks like some kind of extreme exercise routine! All kidding aside, how about the two of you in classic jail dresses circa late 60’s early 70’s, legcuffs, waits chains hands cuffed to the side – not trying to escape, just trying to get through your days and nights for several days.

  • jan

    Já pocházím až z české republiky

  • Ben85

    this was great wanking fun!

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