A more extreme hogcuffing


My favourite position is the hogcuff, you all know that. But it is also very easy to escape. Just roll over to get the keys, sit up and free yourself. If you can not do that behind your back, then you can just slide your wrists to the front if your ass is not too big :p
So I needed a new challenge. To prevent me from rolling over, or sitting up, my hogcuff is now attached to the ceiling using a looooooong chain. The keys are put in front of my face. Will I be able to escape from this one!? I love this position soooo much, I wish I could sleep like this!

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  • MrStone

    Nice pics! But i wish you would wear some Nylons instead of these socks…!

  • LOL, I can’t keep up with you guys. Nylons, white socks, black socks, bare feet… who cares, it is a HANDCUFFS blog!! LOL!

  • MSH

    A beautiful girl that loves to be hogcuffed – is there anything sweeter in the world? And yes, we can be a pain, but a bit of costuming can’t hurt. My favorites have been when you’ve used your toes to get the keys. Perhaps a nightgown would be apprpriate as you mentioned wanting to sleep this way…?

  • Mr. Bub

    You should def do a barefoot one again soon. I just went through the last two and a half pages and saw nothing barefoot. I don’t know why but i like your videos better barefoot.

    Now as far as a challenge, my idea is another bed challenge. Cuff your hands behind your back, using one set of handcuffs. Then cuff each wrist to a pole on your bed, leaving one open in the middle. Then cuff your ankles together and then cuff that to the one pole in the middle. Put the key at the edge of the bed. I bet you can’t get out of that one. it took me awhile to think about lol.

  • Steve

    Hi Chrissy has Mrstone asked soe nylons or tights would be great. I know this is a handcuffblog and who cares but when you are selling videos and pictures to make some income it would not hurt you to change clothes to satisfy your audience. Wearing tights or nylons will not put you out but it may get you more income for doing nothing else other than wear clothes. If some one asked for you naked then I could totally understand you refusing to that. :O)

  • Dirk

    don’t wear that angel necklace. wear a key necklace. that would fit better.

  • cw

    Wow chrissy, you look so cute in this one…

  • John

    If I was to cuff you up so’ that you couldn’t escape or try to make it very difficult to escape. I would use 3 pairs of high security handcuffs. I would cuff you into a behind the back hogcuff position (My favorite position also). I would use hinged cuffs such as Hiatts model 2050’s or Smith & Wesson model 104 Maximum Security (hinged). I would lock a belly chain tightly around your waist and padlock the cuffs on your hands to it. And to make escape even more difficult I would put thumbcuffs on your thumbs and another pair on your toes. I seriously doubt that even you could escape from this. Prove me wrong!!!! :-)

  • Timothy Courtman

    Ive been in the same way as shown in picture and i was stuck hoggcuffed for over 3 hours tried alot of ways to get free but couldnt reach the keys so i had to build up a sweat and squeeze free and it worked very painful but.

  • Maverick

    Nice challenge, but next time wear lingerie! :-)

  • Kelly

    Great position. I love the jeans too.

  • Chris

    I personally like the ones when you were in panties and a bra, the best, would love to see more of them :-D

  • Narwhal

    Great position. If I was cuffed like that right now and you were with me and you had the keys I would be in heaven :) Anyway you look so cute and sexy like that. Awesome update.

  • MT

    Yes, I know, Chrissy, we do ask alot of you…but you do such a good job:) I love the black socks, but still love your work, no matter what! Keep it up, girl! You’re doing great!

  • anonymous

    Nice work there. You’ll get yourself free from that position when you take time to practice. The chain on the ceiling is a great idea of a challedge.

    BTW I love those jeans on you. Next time when you hogcuffed yourself in that long chain attached to the ceiling, wear those jeans. It makes you look sexy.

    Also, you might want to do this request. Play a 2-3 struggle to free yourself with a friend of yours while hogcuffed behind your back and place a handcuff key. If one of managed to free yourself twice, you win. The loser will have to stay handcuffed behind her back for a hour. That’s sounds like a good request. Think about it.

  • Justin

    I’d love to be hogcuffed.

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