Behind the back race with Anahí


So let’s see if Anahí has had enough practise to beat me in the behind the back challenge! We will both handcuff ourselves behind our backs, wrists stacked. The keys are behind us. After a quick countdown, we have to remove the cuffs as quick as we can.
Anahí doesn’t know the loser will face an even bigger challenge ;-) LOL!
I have been getting some emails that I might be too rough with my cute Mexican girlfriend, but don’t be fooled, she is not an angel ;-)

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  • Kelly

    Looking at the cuffs closely, it looks like they are not very tight. Looks like you can actually rotate your wrists 180 degrees in them. If I cuff myself tightly, palms out, there’s no way I can turn the wrists with palms facing in. That makes escape VERY difficult! Can you cuff yourself tighter? Or find smaller handcuffs?

  • Damon

    Anahi likes it rough! ;)

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