Video diary: elbow to wrist challenge

I am handcuffed in a very strange way! My left elbow is cuffed to my right wrist and my right elbow is cuffed to my left wrist. The magnificent hinged LIPS handcuffs make sure I don’t have any room to struggle. The only way to get out is to get the key and try to reach a keyhole.
To be honest, I thought this challenge would be really simple, but I was stuck like this for over 2 hours, and I still could not free myself!! This may be my new favourite position!!

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  • Maverick

    Wow you look great chrissy, but maybe next time you wear sexy lingerie and we like to see you cuffed to the bed also haha

    Sorry for the many requests haha ;-)

  • marvin

    hi baby,

    my favorite position too…to be in or put you in…you can make a hog and toe cuff out of it, but you better cancel your plans!!!

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