Video diary: thumb and toe hogcuff

This week I thought of a challenge myself! Instead of doing your challenges, I thought I had a good plan: cuffing my thumbs to my toes in a hogcuff position (crossed!!). So left thumb to right toe and vice versa. Well, it turned out not to be such a good idea…. I put the key on the floor next to me, but I didn’t realise I wouldn’t be able to pick it up, because I couldn’t use my thumbs!
Maybe I should stick to doing your challenges LOL :-)

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  • Josh

    Wow. That must have hurt! Anyway, I have a suggestion if you’re willing to do it. I think it’ll be easier on your joints than this one anyway :P Do we put suggestions here in comments, or email them to you?

  • Narwhal

    What kind of thumb cuffs did you use?

  • a

    Wow. Isn’t it a historical thing for witches’ thumbs to be bound to opposite big-toes? Those were in front — it must feel even more difficult behind back?

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