Video diary: what can you do in a waist chain?

Last weekend, Anahí and I had a whole Sunday to spend around the house, and we were bored. So I thought it would be fun to lock ourselves in waist chains and see what we could still do. Actually, there was not much we could not do, so that was a little disappointing. We discussed everything from dancing, to ordering pizza, to playing board games, and it all seemed possible.
We ended up spending about 3 hours in the waist chains, but at the end we did not even notice them anymore. There has got to be a way to make waist chains more exciting! Why else would they use them on prisoners, if they do not restrict someone in any way?

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  • Phillip

    What about locking the chains around your waists and then put each others hands in the other cuffs, so your hands would be cuffed in Anahi’s and hers would be cuffed in yours? Could make it a challenge where the one who gives in first has to be locked in a really hard combination of restraints for a few hours

  • Blackout

    They’re meant to prevent violent actions; hard to punch someone if you don’t have the space to pull back, or to hit something more than half a foot away.

  • Anon

    What you need is the chain in front With a lock box!

  • Andy

    Just put your right wrist in the left cuff and vice versa. Then see how much you can do! :-)

  • Michal

    If you want to be more restrained in a waist chain, why not try to cross your hands behind your back and then lock your right hand into the left cuff and vice versa. Let’s see what can you do then!

  • PaulM

    Just like Blackout wrote: you have actually discovered, why waist chains are used. They are comfortable and used when prisoners are kept in restraints for a long period of time (i.e. on when being transported). Having the hands in their normal position doesn’t make the prisoner feel more unconfortable than needed on a long trip, yet the waist chain prevents the attacking of the security personel.

  • trevor

    try using a “hand containment system” or “tubes” with the waist chain and see if that makes it more challenging.

  • Marios

    Just like Andy and Michal suggested, I definitely want to see you girls having your wrists locked to the opposite side handcuffs! Left wrist on the right handcuff and vice versa so that your arms stay crossed and really secure! What I can’t wait to see is you trying this position with your arms behind your back though! Much better and there’s no way of you escaping ;-)

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