Video diary: the tube

Okay, here is another fail! :D I thought it would be a very good idea to handcuff myself inside a very hard cardboard tube. Since I can not break this tube, I would have to get someone to saw or cut it off, before I can unlock my handcuffs! That part sounds good, doesn’t it!?
Well, unfortunately, the handcuffing-myself-inside-the-tube part was the real problem, I tried and tried for a long time, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. There is no room for the cuffs to open and swing through inside the tube. So I tried to stick my hand through a loose cuff and tighten it, but I couldn’t do it. Then I tried to stick my whole arm through the tube, but then I could not bend my elbow to slide it back down… what a dilemma! Do you see a solution, because I reaaaaally want to be stuck like this for a few hours!

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  • Kelly

    Not quite the same, but how about tubes on both arms slid all the way up the arm, then cuff your wrists. Assuming your arm is long enough that your wrist sticks out of the tube. You could try this either with your arms in front or behind you.


  • Tim

    Use two pairs of chain handcuffs. Put one on each wrist. Then hook the chains together with a padlock inside the tube.

  • Nice comments, but not quite what I was looking for, I want that Greenpeace protester experience!

  • ray

    its simple. you dont need to open the cuffs ring inside the tube to put your hands in can pass your hand into a not so closed handcuff,then you close it more so you cant escape

  • I tried, did you watch the video?

  • ray

    maybe you could try a lager tube

  • a


    When the newspapers write about people “handcuffed together in tubes”, perhaps that’s just a shorthand way of saying that they’ve clipped wrist-chains together, rather than literally meaning two people sharing a standard ratchet handcuff?

    When the american police tried to replicate the tactic, it looks like they never managed to figure-out the handcuff trick either:

    Of course, you could always use a short rope with hangmans knot on each end* ;)

    * not alone, obviously

  • greg

    maybe cut a slot for the loose end of the cuff to fit thru, then use your knee to close it?

  • Syllie

    How about you use two sets of handcuffs, both cuffs around the same wrist and then connect the two with a tierip (or Tie-Wrap). That should be long enough to be pulled either from the inside or with a piece of string from the outside. But I guess the way to do it is to have the cuff open inside at an angle. But it’s hard to see :)

    Do wish you lots of luck with this one, can’t wait to see it when you are really stuck :D


  • Rawsr

    Measure where your wrist will be in the tube. Cut a slot to allow the opening end to stick through. Cuff one wrist and put that arm in the tube. Position the other cuff with the hinged end in the slot, insert other wrist into open cuff and rotate arms or tube to close cuff. Second idea; drill hole in tube just large enough for end of plastic disposable zip tie cuff to stick out. Put heavy enough weight on end so after inserting both wrists in cuff you can pull them tight but still allow you to pull end of tie from under the weight after they are tightened. Ankle or toe cuffs would be a great addition.

  • Marios

    You can use two small lengths of chain, they should be long enough to wrap your wrists snugly and have some slack. Lock these chains to your wrists snugly, having a little bit of chain dangling from each wrist. Grab a padlock, place your arms inside the tube and then use the padlock to secure the two ends of the chain lengths together!

  • Brm

    I have to agree with some of the others here… pre-cuff your wrists and use a padlock or something similar to connect the chain mid-tube. Using two pairs of cuffs, both ends on same wrist, then pull a small chain between the cuffs, making it possible to adjust the distance between your wrists could work. :-) Hope you manage to do it. Sounds fun.

  • plato66

    cut a tube in two, in the length. handcuff yourself. have someone else place the two half tubes over your wrists, then circle the tube with a chain and padlock.

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