Handcuffed outdoors in the winter time


As you all know, I trying to be in handcuffs as much as possible. Even when I go outside, I am often handcuffed. It is not hard to think of handcuff setups to discretely wear under clothing, that is why I love the winter time! It is much easier to hide my restraints!
Here is a configuration that is one of my favourites, and it is easy to do, so I hope you will follow my example! Lock a neck cuff on, and put a long chain (the length of your arms through the ring. Then cuff your wrists to both ends of the chain using two pairs of standard handcuffs. Now you are all set to go outside! Just put a coat over it and no one will know!
To show it very clearly, I have made a picture set of me cuffing myself in this configuration (and putting a coat on), and an outdoors video, which is probably the funniest I have ever done! I am even doing a handstand against a wall! Yes, fully cuffed in a neck cuff and handcuffs. Don’t try that at home please, I’m a professional! LOL!

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  • Leah

    I had to try this myself at once… and it was great! While I was walking outside I thought about adding anklecuffs that are connected somehow underneath my trousers. I will try that next time. Thanks for the Inspiration.

  • pbug56

    You look great all cuffed like that; better then any jewelery!

    All you need now is a proper, early 1970’s US jail dress to be chained into!

  • 1233

    You should make a new update with the prison uniform but barefoot this time

  • crazyboy

    This position is not so restrict in any way. But it is nice. I wonder if there are more girls outside in this predicament it would be so nice to meet one of them. Anyway you are the best

  • Accro de la jupe

    Better if you cut out the bottoms of the coat pockets, insert your hands, your friend handcuffs you normally, and then buttons-up the coat. The handcuffs are then completely hidden.

  • Mark mielke

    I would love to be your handcuffed slave for a weekend.always wanted to do outside bondage.and what a better way than by 2 professionals.

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