Neck cuff escape


A neck cuff is hard to unlock, because you can NOT see the keyhole! You have to feel your way around, it takes a lot of experience. I will make it even harder this time! I neck cuff myself to the radiator, and then I handcuff my hands behind my back, wrists stacked. I can reach the key to the neck cuff, but the key to the handcuffs is out of reach. This means I will have to unlock my neck cuff with my hands cuffed behind my back! Will I escape?

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  • Ron Moody

    Very well done. I love the neck cuff and love to use it. Thank you for trying to escape from it but you really did give yourself a big advantage you know. Stacking your wrists really gave you much more mobility and range of motion with your arms. Next time cuff your wrists in hinged cuffs palm to palm which is the way a policeman would cuff you. In the USA police use the hinged cuffs and would cuff you with palms facing out. Try that for a realy escape challenge. Love your site. Keep up the great work.

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