Competition! Win free Alcyon handcuffs!

A big announcement! My first blog competition! I will give away a free pair of brand new Alcyon handcuffs, and an autograph by me :D These special handcuffs are not hinged or chained, but something in between! Very nice, and also good for small wrist sizes!
All you have to do is show me your best handcuff escape trick on video. Post it on YouTube or Vimeo and send me the link (or put it in the comments below). The best trick will get rewarded with these awesome cuffs. You will be online for everyone to see though, are you brave enough? I really hope to get to see some new and amazing tricks! So start posting now!!

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  • Arthur

    I don’t own any handcuffs to escape from :(

  • Ano

    I can only write my greatest escape ever, i know it’s not playing so it’s for entertainment purposes only :)
    Like half year ago my gf handcuffed me for a night hands behind ofc, then to make sure i am not gone get they keys finished it in a hogtie with some rope and cabbles from all around the room.
    Well it was quite stirct, restrictive and tight, but the finish was not good enugh after a lot of strugle i moved a knot to a position where i could reach it, so not so quickly but i was out of the hogtie. Then i had a little bit of problem with the hinged cuffs with keyholes directly on the wrong side.
    And for addition the keys where on a high shelf without hands i had no chance to reach them.
    The cuffs where tight as well it was very hard to move them trough wrist bones first, then to get them to the front.
    After it was done i just had to take the key, and open the cuffs on the tricky way :)
    And yes in the morning :D Seeing she’s face when she saw me free was absolutly prizeless! :D:D :)
    Well sadly it’s not recorded i know that i will fight till the last moment, but both of us was sure in that, i have no chance of getting out of it.
    So that’s it, thank you for reading, and gl everyone for the competition! :)

  • handcuff3

    cuanto tiempo tenemos para mandar el video?? :D

    how long we have to send the video? :D

  • Good point. Haven’t thought about that. Suggestions? :)

  • handcuff3

    hasta el 1 de marzo, por ejemplo?
    until 1 March, for example?

  • handcuff3

    mi video para la competicion.

    my video for the competition.

  • Anonymous

    Just a little comment to my video.

    It’s more tricky, when you a laying down and you feet are bound together.

    But it’s pretty fun.

    Try it out ;)

  • Anonymous

    And the winner is: ?


  • Anonymous

    @Chrissy >> Will there ever be a winner?

  • handcuff3

    So that, the winner is?????

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