Video diary: smoke break

Here is a video of Anahí and me going outside for a quick smoke break (even though it is freezing!!). We are locked in cute small waist chains with side handcuffs, but we barely notice those anymore. Like we said before, we can do anything in waist chains! It is so much fun to be able to wear them during most of the day, we are going to try a full weekend soon! That is right, 48 hours (or more even), locked with our wrists to our sides! No one ever did that probably!
What is the longest you have been cuffed? And how were you cuffed? Did you have breaks? Please comment below!

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  • CaptiveGirl

    48 hours or more in waistchain is entirely possible.
    One problem is to stay clean, toilet visits, etc, can be difficult to do without help.
    If you have two, one can not help another … it can be a very fun and also bring you mentally.

  • Disjunction

    So what would happen if you had a wasitchain on with your wrists locked in the opposite sides, Crossed over in front like a straitjacket?

  • Accro de la jupe

    Anahi looks great in a skirt. Plus it must be more convenient, especially for 48 hours.

  • Luis

    I think that is not possivel !!!!!!

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