Irish 8 escape contest


Anahí is now on the site allllll the time :) LOL, I guess she has become a cuff girl too! Maybe I will update the header picture to include her soon, because some of you are really big Anahí fans!
And I agree: it is more fun doing updates when there’s two of us, because we can do contests! Who will get out the fastest today!? Will we get out at all? We are cuffed in the super hard to escape Irish 8 handcuffs. It is almost impossible to get out of them when you are cuffed behind your back, wrists crossed. They are just so tight on us! Who will win? Or will we have to help each other in the end… again… LOL

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  • trevor

    so when are you going to do a competition with the collar?

  • pp

    If you want a REAL Irish-8 challenge, put them on behind your back and then cinch them with a regular hand or ankle cuff between your hands. Especially with the keyhole up away from your hands I guarantee that you won’t get out without help!

  • ad

    pp, that’s a pretty bad idea since it is almost impossible to access the keyhole of the regular cuff even with help

  • pp

    You can easily open the regular cuff with one of those short magnetic keys sold for police training. To be sure, you can even leave it in place when you apply them; if it’s away from your hands you won’t be able to reach it without help!

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