Video diary: collared?

I may have made a mistake, but I only realised it after recording this webcam video… Someone sent me a metal collar, which was lovely and smooth. The weight is perfect. It is just a little bit too big :( But I would wear it, or use it in challenges, because it has a nice little ring on the front to attach handcuffs to!
But tell me this: I found out later that it is assumed the person who sent me this collar now owns me!!?? Because I put it on? I don’t think I am ready for that, so please comment to tell me if this is true?!

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  • BRM

    Well… Even though some parts of the bdsm community seem to think so, and it is a nice symbolof ownership, I am sure most people would agree that there ought to be a mutual understanding of the symbols meaning first… I wouldn’t worry. Worst case, the person might want it back. But it would be a shame, because it suits you.:-)

  • Ron Moody

    Well within the BDSM community the exact collar you are wearing is used in formal cerimonies to collar a slave and is a symbol of ownership. Yes this is a slave collar. It has no lock it it meant to be put on permanantly and when a sub agrees to put it on she / he agrees to be a slave. Now before all this happens there is supposed to be an agreement as to just what the limits of your slavery are and since you never had that understanding with your new Master then im not sure you are bound by this.

  • SSM

    Well, it could be possible that the person who sent you this collar owns you, but you never know :)

  • 1233

    It doesn’t comes off?

  • Yeah it did come off eventually ;)
    But still my question remains.

  • Arthur

    I agree with Ron, there was no legal agreement so you are in the clear. How long did it take to get off though?

  • It wasn’t that hard to take off.

  • JtRG

    Even within the BDSM community, there’s a thing called “consent”. You didn’t give it, he has merely sent you a gift then. Enjoy it.

  • uo2bhogtied

    You can’t trick someone into being your property (not in this day and age, anyway). It’s rather sweet that you’ve even considered the possibility that you’re owned, but until you agree to be owned, you’re not. The community recognizes consent over all else; otherwise, you’re going toward something darker (and more illegal).

  • trevor

    no. there was no agreement so it is just a gift.
    however, next time you do a challenge with Anahi, the winner gets the key and puts the collar on the looser for a day. Then you ‘own’ Anahi, or visa versa. Make her do you chores, take her for a walk on a leash, get creative!

  • Ron

    I LOVE the idea of a challenge and the loser having to wear the slave collar. I actually think it would be sweet if you did wear it for 24hrs and showed some video of you wearing it outside of the house , in public.

  • Heino

    no he dont own you.
    i only owns you then he put it on you and then you both agree. but you look very hot…

    just a shame you dont make i join site.

  • LoveBondage1960

    Hi Chrissy

    To answer the question as to ownership by placing this collar around your neck ?

    NO you are not owned by any body, something like ownership has to be agreed with both parties regardless of any collar. In any form of BDSM within the community it all done by consent, if not it becomes illegal ?

    Have fun Chrissy

  • kittin

    The guy who first put a collar on me didn’t ask for any sort of permission, and when it went on, yeah, I felt owned by him. And 14 years later, I still am.

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