Out and about in waist chains

Finally, the weather is getting a little better! So here is our chance, the one thing we wanted to do for a looooong time: go out in public in our custom made small waist chains! It was such a nice afternoon, we did not even notice we were wearing them! After a while you really get used to them! We would love to go to an American prison and get to wear these all day, no keys! But what is the best way to end up there? Hmm…
Anyway, we enjoyed our afternoon in the park, I hope you will enjoy this fun video clip as well. Next time you see us walking by in waist chains, come and say hi!

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  • suggester

    Check out Tony from g**cuffs, maybe he want to let you stay with him. He has a private jail as far as I know.

  • CuffLover

    He does have a private jail, but i don’t think chrissy and anahí are in the kind of pics tony makes :-)

    Tough I’m not alone if i say it would be nice to see you two in a private jail locked up, no escape ;)

  • pbug56

    The waistchains are nice; but you need leg cuffs to complete the accessories! :-) Also, some type of either jail minidress or other well fit jail uniform would really help the look.

  • Accro de la jupe

    Try wearing them underneath coats, whose pockets have been cut through. Then your “predicament” will be concealed from innocent bystanders and only you two and the photographer will know.

  • Daisychain

    Next time get 2 padl;ocks and a length of chain. Post the keys to yourself. Now use the padlocks to chain yoiur ankles together. Now just wait for the postman…….

  • RAWSrI

    A position I haven’t seen you do,using two sets of hinged cuffs, cuff one end on your upper arms just below the shoulder then cuff your wrist in the other end. Right wrist to right shoulder left wrist to left shoulder. Too easy for you? Have the key holes face toward your elbows and add thumb cuffs with the keyhole towards the wrists.

  • RAWSrI

    Have you tried cuffing your wrists to your shoulders? Up the difficulty level, add thumb cuffs.

  • tomas

    Go in city center in rush hour in cuffs :) legg cuffs and hand cuffs and neck cuffs ;) I will be very interesting :)

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