Anahí cuffed me to the bed!!


Anahí wanted to record a demonstration video too, so I let her. That was a mistake, because the cute Mexican girl is evil!! She cuffed me to the bed with two pairs of leg irons and two pairs of handcuffs in a spreadeagle position, I was completely helpless! Then she started tickling me!! And to make matters worse, she just left me, and told me I had to sleep like this! I can not sleep on my back! This was a bad idea, next time I will take my revenge!!

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  • RAWSrI

    Challenge for two, cuff your wrists in front of you then have Anahi stand behind you back to back. Next step she hooks both of her arms through yours and cuffs her wrists in front of her. You may need a type of cuff with a chain in the middle. Then have the key on a string taped to the ceiling just above your head. There is a way to get the key without chairs or ladders while cuffed together. Is it easy to figure out?

  • Wheelincuff

    I think its time you get Anahi to try the bed challage where you take 4 handcuffs, cuff her wrist and ankles with a pair to the end of the bed and put the key behind her and see if she can get it to escape. thats if you give her the key. could be a good revenge on her

  • pbug56

    Ah, finally in a spot you can’t get out of on your own! But it would have been more interesting if you were wearing, say, a minidress or skirt… It’s not that you have to show anything beyond your great legs; it’s the sense of vulnerability.

  • Maverick

    Love this challenge, maybe next time you in lingerie?

  • dragon

    un conseil pour vous Chrissy, quand on vous impose un défi et que vos mains et vos pieds sont attaché, méfiez vous.

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