Video diary: Pipe clamp handcuffs

Yaaaaaaaaaay!! I have shown you these strange cuffs before (click here), but back then I ran this blog all alone, and I couldn’t really cuff myself with these very odd and heavy manacles…
But now I have my trusty assistant Anahí, I can show you everything I want and demonstrate it on her (sorry Anahí)!! These cuffs are very strange, they are used to clamp pipes, but they also fit my wrists, and as you can see they will also fit Anahí. We discuss the swivel action (some bad ass rotation on these cuffs!) and the weight of the cuffs. They do not lock but when you make them tight enough it will be impossible to escape!

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  • Damon

    Poor anahi. It’s almost like she secretly likes it ;)

  • CuffLover

    Hehe, I’m sure she will like it
    Why wouldn’t a girl like cuffs?

    Gratz on your award Chrissy! Going for the first place this year?

  • besveyedi

    handcuffs suit Anahi.. Each of them =)

  • rob

    So does this mean that you won’t be doing solo bed escapes or other such things? Cause i’m sure alot of people would agree with me saying we miss it. Especially the hogcuff ones lol

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