Duo spreader bar hogcuff challenge

We asked for harder challenges, so you sent us one! It was an idea from CuffedInUniform.com (check it here), and it is great! We are hogcuffed on the floor, but to make it extra hard to help each other, we are kept at a distance by a spreader bar. This also means we can not get up (like I usually do) to a sitting position.
And yes, I am wearing white socks (for all the people who keeping asking for white socks)!! Do you want to see if me and Anahí can cooperate and get out of this very extreme hogcuffing? Just watch the video clip, it is very good! Do you have more challenges for us? Send them in or leave them as a comment!

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  • 1233

    You in a prisoner uniform barefoot and Anahi as a cop.

  • Damon

    Oh how I’d love to come home to that :)

  • Anonymous

    I think you and Anahi should do is play hide-and-seek with you two handcuffed behind your backs. You should find wherever the cuff key is hidden and try to unlocked yourselves with the keys you find in a 2 out of 3. Whoever unlocks yourselves quicker than the other wins.

    If you win two out of three games, you won the game. You lose twice, you’ll be hogcuffed for two hours at least.

    That’s a challenge you should do.

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