My revenge on Anahí


When Anahí cuffed me to the bed and left me to sleep like that, I was furious! (And I loved it.) But I was still going to get my revenge! I thought of a great way to hogcuff Anahí on the bed, using an overhead chain between both ends, and then cuffing my poor little Mexican friend to it!
I think however, that I took things a little too far this time. In this video, Anahí honestly doesn’t know what is coming after I hogcuff her. Nor did she agree to any of the things I did to her. I dripped ice cold water on her back and then I gagged her with a piece of duct tape. After all this, I felt quite sorry for Anahí, and she did not talk to me for a few days… This was too much!!

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  • Anon

    Love your site you are friend are stunning. Your friend wears dresses and skirts a lot but you are always in pants. Would love to see you in pantyhose and cuffed

  • JC

    Awesome idea. Love those heels that seem to padlock on!? Who holds the keys to those???

  • kenny

    I think you are just getting better….love the locking heels too……more of them please?

  • steve

    Hi guys. Great set. Please Chrissy can you wear tights to and a dress to once in a while. Ta muchly

  • Toecuffed

    It would look pretty cool if you hogcuffed/TOECUFFED Anahi with her elbows cuffed as well. I’ve been waiting for that :)

  • Toecuffed

    It would look pretty cool if you toecuffed Anahi and tickled her intensely :)

  • 1233

    Try a prison uniform update barefoot please.

  • Maverick

    Wow great, often tried this with but couldn’t escape haha :-(

  • Bull

    What about the lockable heels on the pictures, does one of you two wear them? An update with you wearing them would be great, maybe outdoors and in any case combined with some kind of cuffs :)

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