Video diary: tea and neck cuffs

LOL, ever wanted to see a long video of two girls talking over tea? Probably not. But what if it was me and Anahí, we have a rule that we can never have tea without being cuffed! And this time we lock our handcuffs to neck cuffs as well! It may not seem the easiest way to have a chat and tea, but we barely notice it anymore. We are trained handcuff girls! And I wear a neck cuff all the time, even outdoors sometimes. Anahí is not so used to the neck cuff, but in this video clip you can see she doesn’t really think about wearing it either!
Don’t mind us chatting away about all kinds of subjects, I know you are just here to see two girls in neck cuffs, and that’s fine!!

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  • Marios

    Downloaded the video as it was hitting a very sensitive spot, girls locked up in handcuffs secured to a neck cuff. Very very nice combination and not much that they can do like this. I just love the way these two gals act like nothing’s strange. Like it’s something completely normal. The talking I must admit that I paid no attention whatsoever to!

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