Elbow hogcuffing tutorial


So here is another request! I will show you how to hogcuff a flexible slim girl using four pairs of Dutch handcuffs! Do not try this at home, not until you have watched my video clip and heard me tell you what things you need to be careful with, and how to apply the cuffs!
Anahí is my willing victim, of course. She loves being cuffed almost as much as I do, and it is very safe to leave her hogcuffed like this for a while. I tried leaving the room, after I put the key on her back, because I know she can not get the elbow cuffs off anyway. But clever girl Anahí already unlocked one pair of cuffs before I got back to her! She is getting better!

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  • LoveBondage1960

    Hi girls

    Your correct in warning people about were and how tight the handcuffs should be. The biggest problem people forget is the body contain millions of nerves endings, and these can be damaged very easy, but once damaged that’s it they can’t be repaired. I did some damaged to my left thumb while sleeping in a pair of handcuffs a long time ago, hence I’m much more careful now.
    But you both seem very careful which is great to see, and importantly having lots of fun :)

  • CuffLover

    Try connecting the cuffs on her elbows with those on her feet using a pair of leg irons next time ;)

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