A very challenging challenge!

This is one of the hardest (and perhaps the most painful) challenges I have ever done! I am cuffed in my custom small waist chain, my wrists are held tightly to my sides. One leg is cuffed in a very funny way: wrapping the leg iron chain around my upper leg and locking both cuffs on the same ankle! Painfully tight, the chain is digging into my upper leg. There is no way I can stand up!
Anahí then attaches the key to a chain hanging from the ceiling. The key is positioned just out of reach, so I have to get onto my knees and even then I can not reach it because of the waist chain! After a long hard struggle I managed to get the key, but I had to ask Anahí to help me unlock the ankle cuffs because I was too exhausted and in too much pain to move! This was super hard! I loved it :D lol

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  • LoveBondage1960

    Hi Chrissy

    The cuff and chain on your leg looked really painful, may be a better idea would have been to have the leg cuffs on your ankles as normal but have the chain connected to the waist chain so you couldn’t stand that way, it would have also stopped you from pushing up the waist chain up your body like you did. Not sure you would have escaped like that ?

  • Heino

    you should cuff the other leg to

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