Arms crossed in waist chains


I did not really see the point of this request when I received it, but it turned out to be a very good suggestion!! Me and Anahí are locked into our waist chains, arms crossed!! It is a lot harder than you may think. You are pulling on the wrist cuffs the whole time, it very extreme, because of the unnatural position. Our wrists were very red at the end, after we tried to unlock each other, which wasn’t easy either!
Very nice suggestion! Keep them coming! :D

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  • Tim G.

    I like the arms crossed. Why not try cuffing each wrist to the other’s waist chain. Face-to-face would be nice. Back-to-back would look good as well.

  • Accro de la jupe

    When are you going to spend the weekend in wrist chains?

  • Kelly M

    So we’re interested. How DID you get out of the cuffs? And how long were you cuffed?

  • Michal

    Chris, next time cross your hand behind your back. Only then you will have the right fun trying to unlock the cuffs (espetially then the keyholes will be on the wrong side) :D

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