200 updates!! – Duo escape challenge


Whoooooohoooo!! 200 updates! That is a LOT of handcuffing! In the past year, I have been joined by my lovely assistant Anahí, who has become a really experienced CuffGirl herself!
Today, we are in a bit of a predicament, but since it is the 200th update, we should not make it too easy on ourselves! We are neck cuffed to our leg irons (that’s a new one!), so we have to sit down, hunched, unable to stretch our legs. We are handcuffed behind our backs, attached to each other. The challenge is to get out, but it is very hard to move with your neck chained to your ankles! Can we help each other? Or will we be stuck like this for a few hours (as usual!), see and find out if we can escape!
Oh, by the way, in case you did not know: if you join now, you get unrestricted access to ALL 200 updates (video clips and picture sets) for just one low price! Cheaper than buying sets, I promise!

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  • CuffLover

    Gratz on your 200th update girls!
    A lot of great work has passed this site the past years, thank you for all of this. Thumbs up and keep the good stuff comming our way. And about Anahi, I’d say gratz on becomming a real CuffGirl
    (Time to update the header photo?) ;)

    Cuffed regards,

  • Gerry


    Try sitting in the full lotus position and cuff your ankles tightly to a waist chain. Your feet will be stuck up on top of your legs.

    I’d like to see that.

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