Mailing the keys to ourselves

You read these self bondage stories on the internet. They always seem very exciting and they have very brilliant ideas. Well, let me tell you, mailing the keys to yourself is not one of them!
We cuffed ourselves behind our backs in the morning, a few minutes before the mailman usually arrives. We put ALL of the LIPS keys in the envelope, because we thought that would be more exciting. Well, it wasn’t really. The mailman did not even show up! At all! We were there waiting for an hour probably, and I am too embarrassed to tell you what we had to do to get out of our handcuffs eventually! Don’t try this at home! Really… don’t!

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  • a

    Awww! I’m glad that “what you had to do to get out” wasn’t publishing a blog post asking if anyone here has Lips keys and doesn’t mind visiting NL in a hurry ;)

    Do the local police use same brand of keys?

  • WriterOfSin

    Oh dear! Let me guess, did you have to phone up the post office, or go to a fire station to have them cut off? A terrific idea though nonetheless!

    I do have a recommendation for a challenge, but it would be quite stringent. Do we write them here, or email them in?

  • wheelincuff

    lmao….this is priceless. Another trip to the fire station again huh?

  • A Reader

    Oh, come on, you can’t not tell us what happened.

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