Rope is bad

Rope! A lot of fans email me about rope! But I don’t like rope, as you may expect. Rope is escapable, and cuffs are not (if you don’t have the key). Rope is too flexible, too unsecure for me!
In this update I will explain why rope is no good. I will show you how to do a wrist tie, and how easily it can be escaped (try that with handcuffs!). My lovely assistant Anahí came to my place this morning to help me demonstrate why we do not like rope. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, because a lot of people seem to like it, but hey… I’m not RopeGirl… I’m CuffGirl! :D Whahaha lol!

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  • Joe

    When will you post the update where you are wearing a jumpsuit again?

  • popww

    Well… try to tied hands behind back in wrists and elbows, then wrap rope from elbows under and over chest. At the end tied legs together with hands. You will not escape from this, I swear :-)

  • I can’t do that! Will you come here and do that to me?

  • popww

    I would like to… but I’m from a far country :-\

  • Gen

    You should try a proper frogtie/hogtie combination, bound elbows and all – i doubt you could escape as easily. Or find rope that flexible anymore. :P
    ‘course, you’d have to force Anahí to learn how to do it. Youtube-videos perhabs?

  • Nuem

    Have you ever been arrested? :)

  • DwD

    It’s hard to escape even a simple wrist tie done properly. I admit … if you have scissors lying around it’s easier to escape from rope than from handcuffs. However, if you like to be locked/tied up tightly with no chance of escape you can use the flexibility of the rope to your advantage. Much like escaping handcuffs requires some skill, making a good rope tie does too: it needs to be inescapable, it needs to spread pressure evenly — you can’t make a mess because then it won’t give any kind of enjoyable feeling — and it needs to look nice — it’s a form of art. I have been and still am a fan of all kinds of metal restraints. Recently I am discovering what can be done with rope and I must say I have undervalued it for a long time.

    If you enjoy being restrained as much as you tell us through this blog, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it when you’re stuck — be it in rope or in cuffs. Perhaps you feel like it doesn’t belong on your ‘cuff’girl site in which case you should give it a try just for yourself. Like Gen said, the internet is your friend if you need more information :-)

  • Bensel

    There are many materials you can use for escapefree bondage. Iron/steel may seem logical, but more flexible materials can become inescable in the right hands. Oh, do you know Gina, from boundlife?

  • LoveBondage1960

    You should look up on the internet Japanese form of Bondage Shibari/Kinbaku that’s all done by rope, but its special rope not like the stuff you used in you video here.
    Seriously rope if done properly you can’t escape, unless you have scissors but that’s like having the key to the handcuffs ?

  • Come show us please!

  • LoveBondage1960

    Hi Chrissy

    I love to show you the ropes but I live UK.

  • vivian

    o.k please try this . thin shoelace used to tie hands with palms facing outwards. i wish i could show you how. promise if i did it to you , it will be inescapable. dont forget to paint your nails black or red ,hands and feet…..ooh so hot..

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