Chinese leg irons!


I have got some serious new cuffs for my collection! They even come in their own little bag! These Chinese leg irons are very very heavy! But that is not even the coolest part! They are perfect for escape challenges, because they have a cover plate over the key holes that needs to be unscrewed with a regular screwdriver! So even if you have the key, but no screwdriver, you are still in big trouble!
I am wearing a special outfit to show off these beautiful cuffs to you today! I hope you like my new Chinese leg irons! I know I do, and I will be shuffling around the house in these for a few weeks, I’m already looking forward to it!!!

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  • Jojo

    A stripe shirt, jeans, and the shackles on the bare feet would be very hot…with a view on the soles!

  • tHOMAS

    i love these chinese legirons, thy look so great on women and I love the way chinese women walk with them. I get high!

  • pbug

    I’d much prefer to see you in either the light stainless steel lockable collars then one padded with anything, or in a traditional heavy iron or steel collar with matching wrist and leg irons, of course. Perhaps with the wrist irons short chain linked to a lockable steel belt. And these would do even better matched up to a dress – no leggings or pants, and the dress in a light denim or chambray, to show off your amazing form! Then try to go out and have some fun in that complete outfit!

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