Connected hogcuffs – prison girl style


Fans from the USA always ask for the well known orange prison jumpsuits! Well, me and Anahí are glad to be of service! We absolutely love requests like this! Dressing up is our favourite thing to do (well, okay… second favourite thing), and what better outfit for two cuff girls than jail uniforms!!
We ended up hogcuffed of course, it is the most requested position (with or without socks, this time we are wearing socks), but there is a twist! We are not just hogcuffed, we are also handcuffed together by an extra pair of cuffs! The key was placed near our faces (only 1 key for both of us), so we had to shuffle around on our bellies to get it! Not easy to do if you are connected! Check out the video clip, it is great! More prison girl requests please!!

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  • Marcelo

    Hello Chrissy

    Why do not you do an update with you dressed in police holding Anahí to her wearing a sexy black leather pants and glued to the body and a stiletto boots over the pants and a white dress shirt. So you handcuff feet and a handcuff belt that you have used.

  • trevor

    you should be a policewoman and prisoner for halloween! get dressed up and walk up with your captive restrained with legirons and your transport belt.

  • pbug

    I’d like to suggest you find some vintage jail dresses from the late 1960’s to early 1970’s (think the movie Women In Chains with Ida Lupino in 1972); those dresses are far sexier and even feminine that orange jumpsuits, and would look even better with a good set of chains and cuffs!

  • 1233

    barefoot next time?

  • BB

    Why not combine the straitjacket with the prison girl gear? Jumpsuit, straitjackets over that, then the shackles and waist chain, with the cuffs locked over the sj’s sleeves?

  • Gavin

    Hey please do a video of you two in a role play wear one of you gets aressted and booked in to a jail and the other is the prison gard and policeman

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