Video diary: old versus new

Today, we will go into detail about what’s better: old style handcuffs or new style handcuffs! The old darby style handcuffs are very nice to look at but very impractical for quick application. Newer handcuffs are quick to apply, but are they as good looking?
Me and Anahí talk about all the differences in this video diary, I am using the new style cuffs, and Anahí is trying the old style. We have neck cuffs in both styles as well, the incredibly cute darby style collar and the scary ratcheting modern neck cuff (basically a huge handcuff that fits around girly necks). A very interesting discussion! What style do you prefer?!

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  • PP

    I generally dislike the older styles except for the Irish 8’s, which are great. They’re very confining but still comfortable. I like them behind the back, palms together (i.e. NOT stacked).

    The other Darbys are just too clunky.

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