Blindfolded escape challenge


In the past, we did some blindfold challenges! Even duo challenges! But we always used a cloth or some other improvised blindfold, which can easily be cheated by looking down to spot keys on the floor. That’s why me and Anahí now have proper kinky leather blindfolds! We really can not see anything when we are wearing these!
Blindfolds are a big part of escape challenges, so if you don’t have a blindfold, be sure to get one soon, because it will make playing with cuffs a whole lot more interesting! Me and Anahí are in LIPS handcuffs (wrists stacked behind the back), leg irons, blindfolds and high heels. We are allowed to help each other, but it is a tricky challenge! As you know, LIPS handcuffs and standard leg irons use different keys! We have to feel our way around, this was great fun!! This weekend, I am going to try to sleep blindfolded as well (and in handcuffs of course, as always)!

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  • Marcelo

    Chrissy you are very beautiful in high heels.
    You should do more upgrades wearing them and handcuffing the beautiful Anahi to her wearing a leather pants, a white top with a belt transporting prisoners and handcuffing her feet as much in his fists. And you making her pay for all the evils that you have committed…

  • Marcelo

    You will make that update I suggested?

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