Video diary: Star handcuffs

A fan sent me these Star handcuffs! A big hug and huge thanks for that!! I love these! I had never heard of them, but apparently they are from Spain! How cool is that? They are very special, because they only have 1 link!! Yes, that’s right, only 1 link between the cuffs, I love the sturdy look of that! It means your wrists are much closer, making it suitable for some challenging behind-the-back escapes!
I’m sorry for the dark video, but me and Anahí were playing around with these in the evening and we had a lot of fun! I got to try these babies on Anahí, my lovely and obedient assistant hahhwhwhahahhaa lol :) Sorry Anahí :)

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  • Sabueso

    Si es cierto que las fabricaron en STAR, guárdalas porque la marca cerró hace años, por lo que se trata de un articulo de colección.
    Aunque me cuesta creer que ese fuera su origen, pues en su catalogo no existen. Se dedicaban a las armas de fuego, por lo que hay muy pocas posibilidades de que sean autenticas.

    Lo siento por expresarme en español, prefiero que algún entendido te lo traduzca a que se pierda parte del mensaje.

  • Michal

    Do you know Czech handcuffs by RALK? They have a very similar look and clearly there was a lot of inspiration, it is however not clear which were inspired by which as they started to be produced at about the same time in 1950s. See
    I happen to own both. I like STAR for their string bow, on the other hand RALK cuffs are heavier and make more solid and serious impression when on.

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