Tree decorating contest

Getting ready for Christmas!! We are going to decorate our trees! Me and Anahí are handcuffed in Dutch police handcuffs (available here), and we are doing a little tree decorating contest! Whoever has the nicest tree wins! And the loser will have to spend a day in these handcuffs!
Now how will we decide? YOU will decide! Please comment below who you think has the nicest tree (vote for me of course!!), and the loser will get to spend one of the Xmas days in tight handcuffs, no key! Anahí will visit me anyway, so I will handcuff her and have her make me a nice Christmas dinner! Please vote now!

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  • Ron

    I think you tree it better but i would love to see you be the one in handcuffs all day. Make them close fitting hinged cuffs behind your back please. I dont like the Dutch cuffs too wide I like the American cuffs and hands facing out with a neck cuff too, my favorite. You look beautiful in it.

  • CuffLover

    I’d say Anahí won :D
    1. I like the hat on top of her tree,
    2. The lights in her tree are spread, not in a bunch like your tree
    3. Yes, I am just finding as much reasons as possible so that you can spend a day in tight cuffs while Anahí has the key :D
    No worries, I’m sure she’ll handle you with care (or not :P)
    Even though I’m sure you’ll spend days in cuffs anyways, so what’s the difference?

    Sorry! No offence against your tree skills

  • Rolls Roy$3

    Your tree looks better than anahis!!

  • BRM

    I have to say I like Anahí’s tree better, just to have hope that she dresses you in your prison uniform, chinese leg irons and tight cuffs for an entire day. :-) Judging from the few other comments, you have no chance of winning this. :-)

  • Amado

    Hello, this is the first time to send a comment here on the site.

  • Ron

    Anahi Anahi Anahi

  • Rob

    I agree with the lighting thing, yours looks to clumped. Anahi wins it for me.

  • Petrick

    How about a draw with? Both must wear the handcuffs :)

  • Paul M

    My vote goes for your tree. While a top is missing (that’s a plus point for Anahí), your one is better overall, more shiny and glittering, as a Christmas tree should be. Anahí’s tree looks a bit empty to me.
    I’m sorry to say that, because I’m sure – no matter that you say you want to win the contest –, deep inside you hope that you will be one who spends that day cuffed up tightly. Anyway:
    I wish you both a MERRY-MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  • Fredy

    I think that’s your most beautiful Chrissy

  • TagThat

    Chrissy, i like your tree better than Anahí’s!

  • Marios

    Chrissy, your tree looks much better! I guess that clever girl Anahi deliberately didn’t do as good of a job with her tree because she wanted to be the one spending the whole day in hinged handcuffs! For kinky girls like you, being tightly handcuffed is not punishment but the exact opposite I supppose!! So Anahi should spend the rest of the day cuffed in these hinged handcuffs (though I would also prefer the standard American hinged handcuffs and not the Dutch ones) with her palms facing away!

  • john

    I think anahis is better. Can the loser be barefoot please for the video?

  • Brendan

    I will say that while your tree has more decorations since that’s a plus to it, Anahi’s is better since the tree is more beautiful than yours.

  • Brendan

    Oh, I forgot to say. If you lose this contest Chrissy, make sure your hands are cuffed behind you back and wear jeans because it makes you look sexier when you’re cuffed.

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