Video diary: UZI handcuffs

A fan sent us two pairs of UZI handcuffs! We have no idea what UZI handcuffs are, or where they are from, but they sure look cool! They seem to be smaller than regular handcuffs. We got a shiny pair and a black pair! Watch us test our new toys in this informative video clip! LOL!
By the way: did you notice we locked the cuffs onto our wrists straight after taking them out of the sealed plastic wrapping? We totally forgot to test them first (yes, you forgot too, Anahí!!). Rule number one of trying on stuff that gets sent to you: TEST the keys first!! LOL, we are going to get soooo stuck one day…

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  • Blackout

    UZI is a company that makes guns, cuffs and miscellaneous other stuff, unless I’m mistaken.

  • Oberyn

    I’m sure that they are made in Poland (I live here), but of course I can be wrong. I don’t have them, but in my opinion they are like “no name’s” cuffs.

  • nunya bidness

    UZI cuffs are made in the USA, but are not used by very many police forces here as they are not considered to be as high quality as the Smith and Wesson or Peerless brands. They do tend to be a bit on the small side as you said. I believe the biggest user of the UZI brand cuffs are the Israeli police.

  • Oberyn

    Hi :) In my opinion, they’re made in Poland (by the way, it’s my country) and they’re like no name’s cuffs, so UZI aren’t as good as (for example) S&W or Alcyon :)

    And I have challenge for you, but I don’t know is it safe in 100%.
    Use your neckcuff as a gag (put in your mouth a scarf, and cuff your head around). Cuff your elbows and wrists behind. Legs put in legcuffs. At the end connect cuff on the wrists with cuffs on the legs by chain or another cuffs, but to make it harder – use a ring from neckcuff :)

    Sorry for my english. I hope that you understand my challenge :)

    Greetings for you and Anhai :)

  • Marios

    Maybe deep down you want to get stuck by having a mismatch between the handcuffs and the keys!

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