Self waist chaining: ready for summer!


We are slowly getting ready for the summer! First thing we will do (when we don’t need our winter coats anymore) is to go outside in waist chains and leg irons! Me and Anahí both own a custom made small waist chain, as regular waist chains are too big for us. Well, actually, I own them, but one is for my bestest friend in the world of course!
We can not wait to go outside in these (we already did so a few times last year, remember?), and we don’t care what people will think about it. Walking around in a waist chain is not illegal here in Holland, so there is not much that could go wrong. Probably.
Check out the video where I tell you all about our plans!

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  • Steve

    Hey, At last your wearing tights and cuffs very sexy. Please do more with black tights, you look awesome. :o)

  • Tieup2008

    Maybe in the actual Summer you could both do an escape challenge at the beach in bikinis? Full hogcuff and thumbuffs and toecuffs too.

  • Trev

    what do you do if your nose itches?

  • Maverick

    You both look great…

  • CuffLover

    I’m in with Tieup’s idea, a hogcuff challenge on the beach ;)
    Better hope the sand stays out of the locks!

  • cuffgirlfan

    OMG finally chrissy in tights ive waited so long to see you cuffed and in tights and it was definitely worth the wait you look amazing. Fingers crossed you wear them again for us legwear fans

  • tkd

    How about attaching the keys to the cuffs and waist chains directly to your neck-cuffs?

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