Video diary: cuffed to the table

Remember the TimeBond device? It is a black cylinder with another black cylinder inside. You fill it with water, pop it in the freezer and then you can use it for timed escapes. So me and Anahí handcuffed ourselves to the table using a very heavy chain. The TimeBond is suspended from the ceiling and we have about 1 hour to talk and wait for the key to drop…
Or at least, that’s what we thought… for some reason, this time it took almost FOUR hours for the key to drop!! I don’t know why it took so much longer, but we literally spent 4 hours chained to my desk. There was nothing we could do to speed it up, and there was no backup, because usually Anahí is my backup and she was handcuffed right next to me! It was an incredibly long wait, and we both had to go to the toilet really bad! Next time, we need to test this a little bit more before doing a video diary with no one there to help us…

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  • Angel

    Amazing! Next time during wait someone could prepare a dinner for you…I’m a volunteer :-)

  • Ano

    This one is looking good, but i just remembered something, long time ago you had a competition on make a video about handcuffs escapes.
    Now i just realised. Us i was bored in the mornings, i started to make my coffe in handcuffs, first in front then in at the back, then back, first with chained handcuffs, then witht the brithis foolding speed cuffs, later on with crossed hands.
    Today i managed to do the whole process in blindfold :P (at the back with the normal cuffs.
    I have video only about a previus round, since todays one is corrupted :(
    From now the flat will be busy in the mornings as well, so this carrer is over.
    No meaning, nothing to say after it, i just wanted to tell, that you are not the only to do funy things in handcuffs :)

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