Anahí’s amazing wrist cage escape


This is a very hard challenge for my poor Mexican friend Anahí! She is cuffed in the wrist cage, behind her back! This is a really restrictive position, your arms are pinned against your body and your hands can not reach anything.
I give her the tiny tiny keys to the padlock, and she has to try to escape! Will she be able to do it? It is one of the most difficult (if not impossible) things we have ever shown!

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  • Angel

    Are there wrist cage for ankles? Could you wear wrist cage on ankles?

  • Paladin

    Are they comfortable?

  • pbug56

    You need to pick more practical clothing for your weekend in cuffs. The traditional jail dresses well shown in movies like Helter Skelter or Women In Chains would be comfortable and sexy. A chambray fabric, soft, a bit loose, and they go very well with handcuffs and legcuffs. Or legcuffs with waist chain and side cuffs.

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