Hogcuffed afternoon


We took the challenge! We were shooting a hogcuff video, but then we thought: ‘what if we tried to stay hogcuffed all afternoon?’. Well, let me tell you: that is much harder than you think! Much harder! I have a trick where I can get onto my knees from a hogcuffed position, and with a little help, Anahí learned it too, but it really digs into your wrists and ankles sitting like that. So you go back onto your stomach all the time, that is the most comfortable!
We are now looking for photographers (in Holland) to shoot us hogcuffed, because this position is so popular and we could use some extra money! We really hope someone is interested in hogcuffing us, we will even bring our own cuffs!

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  • DwD

    So you need a photographer? Shouldn’t you already have one since both of you appear to be quite stuck in these pictures… =] Don’t tell me this was shot with a timer!?

  • Søren

    Interesting :-)
    A shame You aren’t looking for a photographer in Denmark – then perhaps I could have helped You ;-)

  • Brendan

    I must say, you girls look very nice and comfortable while hogcuffed.

    How about you do this challenge: Remember the one where you we’re hogcuffed and we’re attached into a long chain one. How about you do the one where you’re handcuffed behind the back and attached to the chain while standing. Then your ankles will be secured by leg irons. Then try to reach the keys to the handcuffs with your feet. Then toss them to your hands and free your wrists. What do you think? Do you think that will be a good new challenge for you? Think about it.

  • Bart

    I like to make some nice photographs of you two in hogtied!

  • PP

    One way to make a hogcuff more comfortable is to add a waist belt to take the strain from your legs off your hands. It also makes the position even more secure!

  • Vlooi

    I would volunteer to shoot you some photographs, if there is a good opportunity for it :) The only charge would be that I get to try whatever you would bring :p

  • Angel

    I’m not a photographer but I’m a volunteer :-) I could come from Italy and realize all pictures that you want ;-)

  • anon da

    id love to try out that out, i can only dream of being cuffed all afternoon

  • Gregg

    I’d love to buy this picture set! But I am having an issue. Was hoping we could work something out! This is great!

  • True, paypal has partially blocked my account since they consider it adult content (but not quite).
    This means your purchases can not be funded by a card or bank transaction, they have to be funded by a paypal balance.
    The workaround would be to put some money on your balance using your card and then purchasing the sets you want :D

  • Gregg

    Stil having trouble, it won’t let me send money to myself. I really wanna buy some sets. Let me know if you can help me out! Also we need more bare feet!

  • If paypal will not let you put money on your own account with your own credit card or bank account, that is a paypal issue I’m afraid.
    Contact me at chrissycuff@gmail.com for other options!

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