Relaxing outdoors in cuffs

It’s just a video of me and Anahí, relaxing in the fields, handcuffed and leg ironed of course! We love relaxing outdoors in cuffs! Well, actually I do, and Anahí just thinks it is fun to go with me! There were a lot of people around, but they couldn’t really see us anyway.
Tell me (comment below): I’m curious if anyone else loves to relax in cuffs!! It would make me feel less strange!

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  • Syl

    Nah, we all love it :)
    I sleep like that, sometimes. Last time I cuffed my hands above my head to the headboard with some anklecuffs. Couldn’t reach anything, except the key in the morning :)

    I like being in cuffs just as much as you (two) do :)


  • gwenn

    i am a man and i love to wear handcuffs behind me for long time

    my favorite cuffs : batcuffs and clejuso 15

  • iso 4287

    I Chrissy, I relaxing in cuff }same like you and walk/hike outdoors in handcuffs as well :-)

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