Two girls, one cuff

‘Did you ever get stuck in handcuffs?’, is one of the most asked questions! Well, here is a video clip where me and Anahí got in BIG BIG trouble. We tried to put two wrists in each of the cuffs. That worked fine. It was a very hard and rigid position and we couldn’t move at all, but we are used to that.
The problem was: we couldn’t open them anymore! And we were on webcam! There was no one to help us! Usually we help eachother when we get stuck, but now we were both stuck in the same pair of cuffs!
When we finally managed to call a friend, he came over only to find the cuffs didn’t open anymore! It took about half an hour of jiggling and wriggling to get the key to work! Turns out a standard handcuff key doesn’t really work well on AHC handcuffs :( Geez, we have never been so stuck in our lives! It was exciting!

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  • DazZ@

    Quite an interesting, yet exciting predicament you two got yourselves into there ;) after all the wriggling and jiggling of the key I’ll bet you two were totally relieved when the cuffs opened. Can just picture the two of you standing up and walking over to call a friend saying “hello? Erm……help” :D

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