Handcuff Weekend – part 1

It’s summer!! And I went on a holiday :) Well, it was just one weekend, but still… it was very nice :) My friend Anahí came to visit me and she found me in my little holiday home in the far south of Holland, walking around in handcuffs and leg irons (as usual). She came over for dinner, and had been on the train for hours and hours.
So I suddenly had this crazy idea! What if we both tried to stay handcuffed for the entire holiday weekend!! It was three days, so that would be 72 hours of handcuffed fun! Anahí had not planned on staying, but once she locked a pair of cuffs and leg irons on herself, she simply couldn’t refuse, it was so much fun!! We were going to do EVERYTHING in handcuffs, even sleeping. This was one of the greatest summer weekends of my life!!

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  • Oberyn

    Hi, I have a little challenge for you. Hands cuffed in front of you and leg irons on the legs. Next step is to pull your hands in front of you when you lie on stomach. Later, if you aren’t as flexible, as it need, you can use extra pair of handcuffs to conmect leg irons with cuffs on your wrists. Hands should be stretched as strong as possible under your head. Additional cuffs on elbows will make escape more difficult.
    I hope you understand this, because my english isn’t good.

  • Brendan

    How did that worked out for you and Anahi?

  • Angel

    You need a guard that keeps keys :D

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